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Granular Activated Carbon


Fusion Environmental Corporation (FEC) offers a full selection of vapor phase and liquid phase carbon adsorption products to meet our clients' air pollution, odor control, wastewater treatment and solvent recovery needs.  Our activated carbon products are offered in a variety of configurations and supply options.  We also offer onsite changeout, disposal, reactivation services as required by our clients.

FEC's coal and coconut based products are manufactured in granular, pelleted, and powdered forms with a variety of activation levels.  Our products can be manufactured with different pore size distributions, hardness numbers, ash contents, moisture levels,  and particle sizes.  These are all important specification criteria that dictates how  readily specific chemical molecules will adsorb on the carbon surface and ultimately allow us to ensure that our clients receive the best activated carbon product with the lowest overall combination of capital/operating costs for their specific application.

FEC can supply activated carbon on a bulk basis, in polyethylene bags of 100 lb, 500 lb, 1,000 lb, or loaded in fabricated adsorber vessels. 

Our carbon platform includes the following:

VaporCarb Series Activated Carbon
Our VaporCarb™ Series of activated carbons are specified to meet the requirements of adsorption of organic molecules from vapor phase applications, including for the treatment of odor control, gas purification, solvent recovery, industrial emission treatment, and remediation applications.

Our activated carbon is specified to provide the best configuration of particle size, pore size distribution, activity levels and hardness to meet our clients' requirements for their specific vapor treatment applications.  

FlueSorb Series Activated Carbon
Fusion Environmental's FlueSorb™ products are designed for the treatment of flue gas emissions.  Our products are specifically designed to remove heavy metals, mercury, dioxins, furans and VOCs from coal fired power plant exhausts as well as other industrial flue gases. 

Our FlueSorb™ products are powdered coal based carbons which provide the ideal pore size and surface area for high efficiency adsorption in these critical applications.

CarboPur Series Activated Carbon
Our CarboPur™ series of activate carbons are designed for treatment of wastewater and stringent drinking water applications. 

Our CarboPur™ activated carbons have high activity levels and superior adsorptive capacity and low levels of impurities making them ideal for water treatment.  Our products meet the ANSI/NSF Standard 61 requirements. making them suitable for drinking water and food grade applications. 

Cirrus Series Adsorber Vessels

Our Cirrus Series of activated carbon products are ready to use systems for treating vapor phase VOC and HAP emissions.  Our Cirrus Series activated carbon product line is ideally suited for small airflow applications, 100 cfm to 4,000 cfm, where there are low levels of organic emissions.  Typical applications include tank venting, remediation, odor elimination, and small process applications. 

The portable units can be returned to FEC on a service basis or used and disposed of on an as needed basis. 

Stratus Series Adsorber Vessels

Our Stratus Series of activated carbon units are used for applications in the 4,000 cfm to 20,000 cfm where there are a low level of organic emissions.  The Stratus products are manufactured of carbon steel and stainless steel and house 3,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs of activated carbon and can be customized to meet our clients specific application needs. Typical applications include pharmaceutical intermediate production, paint booth exhausts, and all types of batch production processes.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for treating low levels of organic emissions.
  • Low capital cost
  • Variety of size and airflow configurations
  • Corrosion resistant manufacturing available   
Pelletted Activated Carbon

For carbon selection and pricing, or for more information on our activated carbon products, please Contact Us or provide us your application specific details through our Information Request Form.  

 Featured Products

Fusion Environmental Corporation provides high quality air pollution control systems and technologies to meet the varying needs of our clients and their unique industrial processes. Our systems are made to the highest engineering and manufacturing standards and are designed to provide our clients with the best possible return on their investments.

Activated Carbon

FEC provides a variety of pelleted and granular carbon products to adsorb/capture organic emissions from vapor phase streams.  Our products can achieve greater than 99% efficiencies.  Activated carbon can be provided on a bulk basis or in standard vessel configurations to meet our client’s needs.


Rotary Concentrator

FEC provides Rotary Concentrators to capture and destroy VOC and HAP emissions.  The concentrator technology is useful for relatively high destruction efficiencies (93% to 96+ %) of large air flow applications, typically greater than 20,000 cfm, with low levels of emissions.  The technology offers very low operating costs.

Thermal Oxidizer

FEC provides a variety of Thermal Oxidizers to treat VOC and HAP emissions.  This technology is used for high efficiency destruction (95% to 99+%) in a variety of stream compositions and flow ranges.  Thermal Oxidizers are typically best suited for applications ranging from 1,000 cfm to 20,000 cfm.

Solvent Recovery Systems

FEC provides steam regenerable carbon adsorption systems for recovery of solvents.  Our systems are capable of 99 +% efficiency for a variety of organic solvents.  These systems can be used to either meet environmental regulations or for implementation of a cost saving strategy.

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